Fabrica de Armazones Opticos South America
FAOSA (often misspelled FAOSIA) Was founded in 1925
by Jose' Cuttler, who hired a Swiss technician and
started manufacturing dramatic, artistic eyeglasses in
Mexico City.

By the early 50s the factory employed 115 people and
turned out 15,000 frames a month - by hand. They also
opened optical boutiques in Miami and Mexico City.

The Zafiro was the most iconic of the FAOSA lineup and
were seen on celebrities such as Fidel Castro and Juan
G Esquivel, and Mexican president Aldolfo Ruiz Cortines.

Zafiro's popularity soared when Buddy Holly began
wearing them. According to Holly's optician (J. Davis
Armistead, O.D.) "They became a distinct part of him".